A submission for GMTK Game Jam 2022. The theme was 'Roll of the Dice'.

Do you have what it takes to play through a simple platformer while a crew of 6 creatively inept product managers make random changes?

Clear as many builds as you can while surviving an onslaught of accumulating bizarre design decisions. Every run is unique. What build number can you reach before the game goes gold? 

Use left and right arrow keys / A and D to move

Space bar to jump

R key to 'reject' the latest build

Concept by Tom Cheshire & Sean Rugg

Programming by Tom Cheshire

Art by Sean Rugg

Featuring Music by Staintocton

Dev log available now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax9-DcyBc3c


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DesignByCommitteeWINFinal.zip 24 MB


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I absolutely hate these people, it's like they don't know what a game is


Very unique concept! I enjoyed playing and seeing what weird things would happen each playthough.


We played your game on my stream and me and my audience really liked it! 

It was super funny, looked cute, music was pretty awesome, and I loved the baragoz (chaos) that this game made.  

And it gave flashbacks to everyone who ever worked as a freelancer (눈_눈)

Didn't get more than 3 stars out 5 though lol 


Wow, thanks so much for playing!


just hilarious