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This game's constantly changing genre is out of control! 

Defeat as many enemies as you can but watch out for the genre swap! Platformer, Shooter, Pong and more... keep your wits about you and become a masterful Genre Hopper!

Developed by Fish Mug Games (Tom Cheshire & Sean Rugg) in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2020

Dev log now available! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SrI8pdlXVM


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Awesome! Really like how even the octopi carry on the to the next genre with same position, feels real smooooth



This game is so awesome! When I was watching the Game Jam thing I was like lemme try this. So fun I reccomend this game!!


i havent played in probably at least a year. my score is still on the leaderboard


good game but sometimes it just randomly spawns me in an enemy when genres are being switched


are you pointing at an enemy in fps mode when it happens


the player placement isn't random. In fps mode, the player is the cursor, and in pong, it's the ball. In other genres, the player is the player. Pay attention to where you are and you'll be fine.

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pls add mouse function for FPS one pls

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Yeah I really want  like I clicker where you have to click the squids or something.


It has a warioware like insanity, and i love it. maybe add a mode were you have 1 health?


Cute and fun, but most of the music drives me nuts


same bro

I was doing the pong one and the genre switched as the ball hit the top of my paddle, and I glitched out of bounds :/

pong one seems REALLY glitchy.

Such a unique type of game, never seen one like it before. 8/10


doesnt matter how much you play it it doesnt get old




The game is very cool but why are the sprites of the player soo bad


To be honest, they are pretty good replicating what they are meant to represent.


But the mixels man...


i mean like small pixels with big pixels


it was made in a game jam.

(if you didn't know)


i know but like duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude


I personally think that the graphics are really good.


Really cool! I'd love to see this fully fleshed out.  I'd probably even buy it!

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Neat game! Did you get the idea from ROM CHECK FAIL? Or is this just an incredible coincidence?

Either way, it's nice to see another game with speedly changing rules, this is an itch that many games scratch, and it would be cool to see this idea develped further. ^_^

Edit: Oh, and congratulations for getting selected by Mark!


Thanks! Haven't heard of that game, will need to check it out! 


This is surprisingly fun to play! And the messed up music works well.


Really cool idea! And it must've taken a lot of work to get all the different genres working. One thing I noticed that could potentially be improved is that on the flap game, it was sometimes more beneficial to do nothing and just bounce along the ground to avoid danger, and be in a better position for the next game. Other than that, this game really keeps you on your toes with the switching.

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There is not


Holy shit that was a wild ride. Played until top 1 on the highscore, 137 points. Excelent game, every minigame super intelligent and balanced with the whole concept. I trully hope you appear on the video, because the concept and excecution were perfectly implemented. Hands down 5/5, congratulations!


Haha I loved this! I loved having to quickly change my strategy to adjust to the new genre, and it was super interesting how doing bad in one stage could make the next genre eve more difficult (stealth in particular). Overall a nice little game. The music made me laugh too, especially the mario theme parody haha!


Awesome game! Is very tricky when you're about to perform an action but the screen changes to another theme, the mechanic is pretty clever. Love the references, the art and music too. Great work!

Thanks! We had a lot of fun adding all those little references


Really cool idea! It's interesting that when the mode switches, the positions of all the entities stays the same, so if for example you go to shoot something in the FPS mode and it switches to the adventure mode, you might take a hit if you aren't fast enough. Great interpretation of the theme!

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Glad you enjoyed it! That's a great explanation of our central gimmick. We thought it would lead to some interesting risk / reward scenarios :)


Cool, awsome idea